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Chapter 6: pg 34 (Feb 26, 2020)

I have four new zines for sale!

  • Comic Lettering Basics: A 36 page guide on the basics of lettering comics! The first half contains information on font, bubble placement, tails, and more, and the second half contains examples of poor lettering and how it was improved. This guide is intended for anyone who wants to start learning how to improve their lettering! Available in print or as a PDF.

  • Track and Fiend: A 24 page comic about a struggling track & field athlete trying to cheat her way to success using a magic spell. Available in print.

  • Arms: 20 pages of arms and hands because I love to draw arms and hands what do you want from me. Available in print.

  • Horse Bursts Out of Ground: A 40 page collection of diary comics and hourlies from 2014 to 2020, some previously published and some never seen before! Available in print.

    You can buy these all from my online shop!

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