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Chapter 7: pg 5 (May 27, 2020)

Hey everyone! A few different things to say this week:

  • Inhibit has been hosted on ComicFury for a few months now and it's settled into its new home really nicely. If you have a ComicFury account, you can subscribe to Inhibit to get update notifications!

  • I ran a stream the other night with my good friend Spire where we answered questions about our webcomics and how we make them! If you missed it and want to give it a listen, you can find an edited-down version of the stream right here.

  • For all my UK readers, my online shop has FREE UK SHIPPING for the next two weeks! As well as Inhibit: Book One I've got a whole bunch of comics and stickers. All the cancelled conventions means this is likely going to be your only chance to buy things at convention prices (ie. without having to pay for postage) until next year! If you were planning on picking something up from my table, including all my new zines, give it a look!

  • Check out my online shop here!

    Inhibit is supported by Patreon! An extra special thank you to Ashley Adams - Jess - Michele Y. Lopez - Morgan - Sam - Sam H - Seth T. - Spire Eaton - you??