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Chapter 7: pg 6 (Jun 3, 2020)

Hi everyone. Please don't look away from what is happening in the world right now. Black lives matter, just like they've always mattered.

If you're in the UK you can donate to the following groups:
  • the Runnymede Trust
  • Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI)
  • the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights (CRER) (scroll to bottom of the page)
  • Stop Hate UK
  • Show Racism the Red Card
  • Racial Justice Network (scroll to the bottom of the page)

    You can click here for a list of further black-led racial justice organisations. June is also Pride Month - you can find a list of organisations throughout the UK that support queer people of colour here.

    If you want to donate specifically to the communities affected by police brutality at the Minneapolis protests, Reclaim the Block has released a list of organisations they would prefer your money to go to.

    If you attend any of the protests worldwide, please stay safe. Wear a mask, use hand sanitiser, wash your hands as soon as you get home and disinfect your clothes. Self isolate for 14 days after attending a protest. There is still a pandemic going on and we need to protect the lives of those susceptible to the virus.

    If you don't have the means to donate money, use the Cartoonists of Colour database and the Drawing While Black directory to find POC creatives to follow and support. Share their work.

    I won't be accepting any negative remarks or arguments over the current situation in the comments. Please be respectful and sensible.
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