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Chapter 7: pg 26 (Oct 21, 2020)

Aaand that's the end of the chapter!! Thank you so much for reading. Chapter 8 is going to start on November 18th January 6th 2021! In the meantime, there'll be the usual guest art, so check back every Saturday and Wednesday for that!

I currently have a preorder for two brand new screenprint patches in my online shop, and will be having a huge sale with free UK shipping and half price international shipping from November 9th until November 15th (same shop link!) so be sure to mark your calendars for that if you've been wanting to pick up a copy of Inhibit: Book One or any of my other cool comics!

For people who prefer to only buy PDFs, I've uploaded a BUNCH of new things to my digital shop, including all my new short comics and some older zines! Enjoy!
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