Emergency Hiatus!
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Guest Art: Emergency Hiatus! (Dec 16, 2020)

UPDATE: Before anyone worries, I'm better now and the comic will continue!!

Hey everyone! I hate having to make this announcement, but I have to put Inhibit on an extended emergency hiatus. Chapter 8 was originally supposed to start on November 18th, and then I pushed that back to January 6th to give myself more time to work on it..... and then I messed up my shoulder really badly and have been unable to draw for a few weeks now.

I'm on a physiotherapy routine and have been giving myself lots of rest. My shoulder is already starting to get better but I don't want to start drawing pages again until the new year so I don't immediately mess the muscles and nerves up again. This means I can't give a definite return date right now. I'm hoping that I'll be able to kick off Chapter 8 in January at some point, though you can read the first five pages of Chapter 8 over on Patreon. To keep updated on when the chapter is going to launch, you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram or sign up to my email newsletter.

Why did this happen to me?? Because I overworked myself, pushed through pain, had terrible posture when I drew, and didn't take care of my body. I cannot stress enough how important it is to take plenty of breaks and to stretch before and after you start working if you're going to be drawing for a long period of time. Drawing takes a genuine toll on the body if you don't look after it. I was one of these people who thought it could never happen to me, and it did. Please, please introduce stretches into your work routine and take regular breaks where you stand up and stretch at least every half hour.

Thanks for your understanding and patience during this incredibly frustrating break. I can't wait to continue making this story for you. I hope you all stay safe over the coming months!!
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