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Chapter 8: pg 2 (May 26, 2021)

This is the second page of a two-page update!! Be sure to click back to see the first page.

WE'RE BACK!!! Thank you so much for your patience, it's been a really difficult time for me to not be able to draw or update Inhibit for a whole 7 months. I'm still not 100% recovered so I hope I won't have to stop the chapter halfway through again, but I've got a little buffer so we'll see how we go! I know it's been a good while since the last updates so I highly recommend you do a reread to make sure you're all refreshed on what's going on before we get into the meat of this chapter.

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Lastly, check out the comic's slick new logo!!! It had a little refresh from the brilliant Spire Eaton and it's fantastic, I love it.
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